magic of the eggshell

The Netherlands is world champion in exporting eggs.
Of domestic leg, the Netherlands exports 415.3 thousand tons per year. 
The shell of the egg is regularly discarderd in household waste,
although it is a valuable material with great potential.
Magic of the Eggshell shows how a material’s lifespan can be prolonged.


Biodegradable urn

Eggshells consist largely of calcium carbonate, which is beneficial for agriculture and often used as fertilizer.
The egg has always held a symbolic significane, it’s a symbol of creation and the revival of nature,
it embodies the idea of rebirth and the cycles of life.

In the project ‘Magic of the Eggshell’ discarded eggshells from a local bakery are processed into
biogradable urns from a ceramic-like material.

Scrub soap bar from crushed eggshells

The egg has a thin layer in the inside of the shell; the membrane. This membrane contains collagen, which is often referred to as the anti-ageing ingredient in skin care, it improves skin elasticity and ability to retain moisture.
The choice to implement this membrane in a soap bar came very naturally, the crushed eggshells gives it a gentle scrub for the body.

The egg always held a particular symbolic significance, it has become a symbol of creation, fertility, infinity, and the revival of nature. It embodies the idea of rebirth and the cycles of life, which is visible it its form too; no beginnen and no end.


Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles